A community keeping their mountain clean!

Mount Afadjato is the highest mountain in Ghana. At 885m tall, it would seem to be considered underwhelming, but that cannot take the beauty of it and it's surroundings away.

What is even more amazing is the lengths the community is going to, to keep it an environmentally friendly tourist attraction free of plastic and other rubbish as much as possible.

As with other places I have visited, plastic rubbish is a common issue, however, the trekking path here was mostly clear from debris and rubbish bins were posted in many areas along the way.

My tour guide (at 16 years old, the youngest guide they have) and manager of the visitor centre both confirmed that every Sunday after church, the tour guides make there way up to the top of the mountain to pick up rubbish.

At less than AUD $5.00, I had the privilege of completing one of my goals in an area that takes pride of place in this little community. I am ecstatic to be able to share one place with you that is doing what they can to look after Mother Nature and educate both the locals and tourists.