A Glass House

The Glass House situated in Bohol in the Philippines is a five storey building of glass and concrete designed and owned by my dear Tita Wing. Titled as the greenest house in the whole country, the house secured certification through LEEDS. Built in 2012, it took three years and three months to complete.

The glass house is built on a steep slope with the foundation being anchored on solid rock. Designed with primary use of steel and concrete with areas being divided by levels, Tita Wing’s home has two main floors and six levels and is essentially a house without walls. What walls do exist are white and complement the tiled floors and fabricated furniture designed by the owner.

Use of panes of glass gives the house different shades of light. The house is cool because of its very high ceilings, the living and dining areas having a ceiling height of 16.5 feet. The breeze can be caught in any direction due to the abundance of windows and doors and unconventional floor patterns grace the bedrooms with entire floor murals designed by my cousin, muralist Alfred Galvez.

Showcasing amazing views of Bohol Bay, Mindanao Sea and south-eastern Bohol Island, this is a multi-level home with an open floor plan, bare minimum walls and a mix of doors and windows. Tita Wing designed the house to be minimal with an understated elegance so as not to compete with the architecture and the 180-degree vista.

Combined with magnificent sunrises which make you feel like you are looking at a painting by God and using almost zero carbon emission to create a masterpiece home, the Glass House is something to truly admire and I am humbled to have stayed in such a beautiful place with such conscious people. Another testament to a third world country being progressive with sustainability.