Born again with food for the soul…and the environment!

Experiencing the highs and lows of living in remote Africa, you always gravitate towards people that show you kindness and support. Born Again Soul Food restaurant owners, Yazid and Janet, have become very good friends of mine. More so, because of the values that they have which align with mine.

Born Again Afrikan is a food and entertainment establishment offering more than just great food, views and atmosphere. It is a place where the community and passing travellers can learn the history of their African forefathers and foremothers and appreciate the great contributions they have made to society.

Yazid’s commitment to establishing an opportunity where this history can be shared, encourages me and as a combined goal, we seek to develop an area where this can be experienced, such as a small museum that will be both informative and interactive.

An important thing to note of such a place is the actual structure of the building. In a country where the common structure of a house is not built with primary consideration on an environmental front, Born Again has included several methods where this has been regarded.

Such considerations include using solar panels to assist with powering the restaurant; having a bio-gas system installed and using the output to run the stove appliances; and the structure being constructed with a cement/clay composition to minimise the carbon emission of erecting to increase coolness within.

I am greatly inspired by this family to build consciously and was motivated to utilise the options available in the country to build with awareness, myself. Also, that people can frequent here and be enthused by the environmental considerations to which they are entertained in.

In addition, I am very fortunate in the near future to be able to have the opportunity to be involved in creating a space where the youth and wider community will be able to learn about the history of the involvement of the African people to develop society into what it is today. Watch this space!