Contributing to social good through upcycling junk

Junk Not was founded in 2009 to contribute to social good through green and sustainable design, practices and activities. Willie Garcia, Interior Designer and Green Advocate has won my heart and it is inspiring to find someone whose work aligns closely with mine through Leela’s Love and Travelling Butterfly.

Based in the Philippines, Junk Not focuses on Interior design, furniture and home décor, light fixtures, upcycling, community engagement, advocacy sharing and following the concept of reuse, reduce, recycle. In addition, a collaboration between Willie and I will ensue in the new year through me being able to integrate with the community that makes the products and learn from them.

I will launch these products in Australia for all to appreciate a new line of items that is made of waste material. Predominantly, the waste is from discarded chip packets and is weaved into amazing designs from bags to furniture. The weaving is done by a community of local people residing near the Taal Volcano, San Nicolas in the Batangas Province which provides an income for them.

Purchasing these products provide a livelihood to these women and part of the proceeds will go to the training and development fund set up to empower these same women through upskilling. Although only a small-scale brand that promotes and produces eco-creative products, Junk Not is building their customer base and with such an increase in environmental awareness, they will only thrive in business.