This virus is our doing! A letter to a spiritual stranger.

Hi Alessandro,

Always a pleasure to hear from you. As it stands, I am back in Australia living in a place that a friend kindly afforded me while I carry out my 14 day self-isolation period. After a particularly energised meditation one morning, I found a message from my supervisor saying that they hope to see me before I go. Curious as to why she would ask that, she promptly advised me to read my email.
The program had decided to repatriate all volunteers in all countries in a mass exodus back to our homeland. Being very zen still, I casually got up and started packing. There was no anxiety, shock, fear or panic. I was particularly proud of this moment. After that, we had to leave our residence and be moved to a safe location allocated by the program. Then it was a case of waiting it out until they were able to find us a plane that would leave Bacolod.
This proved difficult given we were already in community quarantine and in a way, I was fine with that because I felt safer in Bacolod City under all these restrictions than travelling on planes and waiting it out in airports and public spaces. But alas, my office was instrumental in updating my program as to the existence of a special charter plane to herd off all the foreigners that were stuck on the island and within a few days, I was back home. Home as in Australia.
I chose to go to Melbourne where my friend was waiting with open arms that could not touch my body (social distancing is taking a bit of getting used to - I am a very affectionate human being). He stayed with his parents and said that this was the best decision given that my mother was elderly and suggested that staying with her on the Gold Coast may prove to be a risk.
So here I am, thoroughly enjoying this isolation which I think of as spiritual solitude and waiting it out until the situation improves. Australia is cutting off the borders to each other so people are restricted from travelling, so my heart goes out to the backpackers who cannot leave, would be dangerous to go home and who are not entitled to being helped by our government financially.
There is a lot of chaos but I refrain from moving out of my little bubble. I am perfect where I am where I meditate and send love and positive vibrations out to the world. It's ignorant, I am sure, but I am not reacting to anything until I have to and then, it will be a reaction given after thoughtful mental processing and in a state of calm. I believe that you would be acting on with the same mindset.
Your wilderness dream is a beautiful image to store in my mind and conjure up at frequent times. How we could all benefit to move away from capitalism, seek nature and promptly ask her forgiveness for contributing to her demise and causing her to create this situation where she can be left alone to self-restore but on the other hand, give us time to reflect and think about what will be on the other side of this once we wake up to ourselves. Oh, the karma. It's a given and I am with her. One with her.
Anyway, all my virtual hugs and thoughts go out to you. I am sure you are in a safe place, physically and mentally. And if not, you can make changes in whatever capacity. It is the decisions we make that determine our ability to accept what is. In either case, there is a spiritual stranger that will be here to listen...