Love for environment. Space for serenity.

‘The Universe keeps me healthy. I want to inspire healthy living’ Yatna, Owner, Serenity Eco Guesthouse & Yoga.

I just spent five days in Canggu in Bali, Indonesia. I was blessed to spend every day walking in the sunshine, running in the rain, meeting amazing souls sharing enlightened stories, meditating in the morning and evening, receiving healing massages and eating raw, vegan soulful food. 

To say that it was a spiritual time would be an understatement. It was a time for reflection, recuperation and renewal. Complete strangers became very special friends and this was not hard to do when everyone seemed to be following a similar journey. An experience one appreciates in their body, heart and soul.

My most valuable moment was meeting Yatna, the owner of Serenity Eco Guesthouse and Yoga - A native of Bali, Yatna and her husband have been running Serenity Eco for eighteen years. To build a family home which offered serenity was their first goal. 

Over time, it expanded into more villas for family and friends and then to a guesthouse plus backpackers’ space to which anybody could enjoy. The accommodation is made from eco-friendly bricks and surrounded by lush tropical gardens. 

Included in this serene place is yoga classes and training courses, relaxing massage and other healing treatments, a 14-metre sized pool with jacuzzi, a working space as well as reading area and a shop that sells natural products and recycled items. 

Then we follow onto the Alkaline Restaurant, where natural, wholesome food is made without any additives. It follows a predominantly vegan menu with many items on the menu being raw and following their philosophy of ‘May Our Food Be Your Medicine’. 

What is also holistic is that an organic permaculture garden is on-site and the many herbs and vegetables that are grown are used in the kitchen of the restaurant and also bought by visitors. In addition, they also produce their own alkaline water, adding to the healthy philosophy. 

Yatna says that her belief lies in the ideal that eating healthy and tasty food is the right of everyone, thus she keeps the costs low so that this can be achieved. Where absolutely possible, the restaurant will be as close to alkaline, organic, vegan and raw, herself following a pure diet. 

Her love of health does not end there. She believes that we all need to play a part in looking after our environment as it looks after us. She is a big advocate in picking up rubbish, doing it herself on a daily basis throughout her morning walks and wherever she sees the need.

She also encourages this with her workers by cleaning the beach weekly with the staff and maintaining the permaculture and surrounding areas. She understands that by being an example means others will follow but she would do it, regardless. ‘I want no plastic anywhere. I am an eco-warrior!’ 

The deepest connection we have, however, is our regular meditations using the Vipassana technique. I have only started my journey but Yatna has been on this path for 27 years. She created a meditation centre where old students can have group meditation sittings together. 

What is the Vipassana technique? It is a practice that teaches one to liberate themselves from misery. A short introduction and funny tale of my first experience can be read here - 

As we held hands and hugged and shared our deepest stories, Yatna said that there was a great alignment from the Universe for both of us to connect and meet. Now, I believe this to be true as Bali is going to be developing their first ever Vipassana Centre.

I was humbled to be invited to the first meeting and am blessed to be able to have the opportunity to be a part of this amazing development. With Yatna and a group of other amazing human beings, we will contribute to providing a place that will no doubt offer something truly beautiful – serenity.