No Plastic In This School!

Jesuit University Ateneo de Davao is building an environment-friendly school for its senior high school campus, the first to be built in the Philippines. The school will be featuring some innovative designs like collecting rainwater to be used for comfort rooms, photovoltaic solar panels as an alternative source of power supply and aerodynamic design to harness wind to cool off the building. And NO plastic!

The University President Fr. Joel Tabora, said the campus “will be completely green so that we can teach our students how to be environmentally responsible.” Renowned artist, Alfred Galvez is completing a mural within the chapel of the university using low volatile organic compound (VOC) paint and utilising the talent of several local artists to create such a masterpiece never been done before.

The design of the mural is based on the Tausug Tree of Life and incorporates Filipino elements predominantly from Mindanao within a baroque style of art. This particular project is instrumental to Alfred due to it being in his hometown, it being his biggest piece of art and completed in his alpha mater. In addition, he creates opportunities for people less fortunate to be exposed to art.

This is of particular importance to Leela’s Love as projects will be added to the Philippines as another country to benefit. Combining exposure to art with particular reference to using plastic waste as an art form will be the main goal. Thus, creating awareness of the detrimental effects of plastic on the environment and using art to create opportunities for self-sufficiency within a community.