The best funeral plan for the environment

I had a funeral plan all worked out. I wrote it all down with intricate detail, what I wanted for my final goodbye so that my family could follow it to the letter.

I thought I had the best death plan. Then Doris Day passed away. And she became my source of inspiration. Now, I made a new plan and it culminates over the word – free.

Free for all, free of cost. Free of plastic, if my passion in life dares to extend to this at death. I want nothing. Nothing. Yes, I said it. Nothing. And I sent an email to my youngest son bearing this wish.

No funeral, no memorial, no headstone, no nothing. No ability to create carbon emissions, plastic pollution, unnecessary wastage and no cost.

In my years of attachment and wanting to be seen and heard and even recognised, I am now asking that people feel free to choose how they want to remember me.

For all that have supported me, has been my online business whose source of funding has been to support my projects of service to others through my foundation called Leela’s Love.

If I would ever want to be remembered, it is because of my advocation for Mother Earth and for my altruistic approach of being a humanitarian, no matter who or what it was that needed that human touch.

Remember me by checking out and being responsible for your own ability to be kind. We can all make a difference. Even small gestures matter.

My own personal celebration of life is more meaningful to me than an obligated ceremony planned by others when I am dead. Really, what I do now is what matters and who should it matter to? Me!

And why would I want anyone to endure people crying over a box when my spirit is dancing around them, smiling? I am woman, hear me roar! I am not going away that easily.

There have been too many recent deaths that have reiterated to me that the cost is high, the significance to the one is low and, in the end, it is just your lifeless body lying in that coffin.

This doesn’t mean that I am devaluing other people’s opinions and beliefs in what a farewell should be like. I'm just having a little chat about my idea of my own plan. After all, it is my blog (insert chuckle).

And for all purposes in writing this blog, I think that my body should go straight back to nature. Scattered over the ocean for the marine life to feed on or settled in the earth for a tree to grow. And plastic-free, to finish it off nicely.

This is the perfect display of how much I love the environment and want to take care of it, even when I have passed. So, if I could have my wish honoured, I would want to be cremated and then dispersed. And let others get on with it!

I am living a life which is as pure as I have ever been, in physical and spiritual form. This is what I want to offer Mother Nature in exchange for allowing me to exist in the first place and for her nurturing me without fail.

Not in an urn, in a box, in an object that will confine me. As the people close to me know…. I am a Travelling Butterfly. My wings are meant to spread, even into the next life.

Now, how is that for a funeral plan?

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