The butterfly is back!

My dearest family, friends and supporters of Travelling Butterfly 

I know that if anyone will forgive me for my absence, it will be all of you. However, it doesn’t take away from the fact that I was caught up with the whirlwind of my life. Coupled with the fact that ALL the reusable shopping bags and toiletries bags have been sold out and I am unable to purchase anymore to sell, left me a little delayed in my marketing efforts.

So, please! Forgive me. I am back online and in just a very short while, will be sharing my new product with you. My dearest mother back in Australia, Lola Liza, is still managing the business whilst I flutter around the world and will continue to be the backbone of this business that means the world to me – my advocacy efforts to help save our Mother Earth.

Since September last year, I was able to confirm that my projects in my little village in Ghana are all established and self-sufficient. I was able to walk away knowing that after four and a half years, the tireless efforts of the local community have demonstrated a wonderful example of taking advantage of opportunities, doing something positive and being empowered.

But I have walked away only to return in the future. I love Frankadua, I love my family there and I love my simple life that has given me more joy than I have known in a very long time. I also need to practice the art of trust and show that I am confident that the different schools and small businesses do not need me to observe and monitor and ‘babysit’ their continued efforts.

And six months later, I am hearing only positive news. But let’s get on to the update of the Trashy Bags products that I have been selling for a few years now. After speaking with the founder on several occasions, Trashy Bags is now being bought out and has a new owner that will give the business a new direction. I now cannot access these products to purchase.

I could look at it as a shame but my own new direction has brought me the opportunity to meet other community-based businesses and NGO’s that are doing similar things with waste material and I am really excited by where this has led. However, I do not want to talk too soon. I will leave you with this little ‘tid bit’ of information to be excited about!

Thank you all for your understanding, your patience, your continued support for Travelling Butterfly and for your unconditional love for me as a person. Words can never express my gratitude but I know that whatever, WHATEVER, I can do to help another person be empowered and to eradicate waste on this planet, I will both fiercely and humbly do so.

Travelling Butterfly x