The meaning of gratefulness

It's not long until I leave Australia back to my other home in Ghana. People often say that I am crazy, that they cannot understand how I can live this way.

While thinking about it, I came upon this photo. Children learning under makeshift rooms made from tree trunks and palm leaves. Lessons taught on bits of broken chalkboard and several grades crammed in together.

This ended up being the first school I helped. Am I crazy? Yes! Crazy in love for these people. They want things like the rest of us but are grateful for the lives they lead, anyway.

Yes, they may have a properly built structure to learn in now but those smiles were always there in the first place.

People may not understand how I can live this way and that's okay. I cannot be more humbled than to be living among those that have taught me the meaning of gratefulness.

For m;e, I cannot live a better life than that and "Travelling Butterfly" helps me to do it. 

Photo: Delanyo School in Frankadua, Ghana