What happened to my fellow Australians?

With wings like a butterfly, I was flown back to Australia under repatriation orders of the government that funds the volunteer program I am working under. In two days, I was told to pack my things, leave my residence and move to a location allocated where I would be flown back to Australia to the safety of my country the next day.

During all of this, I felt no anxiety, panic or disappointment. Sure, I love my assignment in the Philippines but things happen for a reason and I was now to go back home and see what will be in store for me. At present, I am in lovely Melbourne, completing my required fourteen-day self-isolation period and sitting tight with my own company.

Interestingly enough, I am enjoying this time to be mindful, reflective and observe the surroundings around me. Although within four walls most of the time, I still have access to Wi-Fi which gives me updates to news of what is happening in the country and what measures are being taken day to day by each state around the nation.

Nothing has fazed me up until this point. I know it’s Mother Nature taking action to restore herself and righting the wrongs that we have done to her without consideration. But I was quite interested in the behaviours of my fellow Aussie brothers and sisters that some could be said to be ignorant, irresponsible and downright selfish.

Harsh words for a gentle butterfly and I am not one to judge so I will leave it to the reasoning behind mass media creating such propaganda in the face of this current situation. Surely this is not happening? The panic buying, the fighting, the sitting on the beach or get-togethers when we have been given guidelines to follow.

Whatever it is, it is a far cry from the articles of the bush fires I was running around with in my office in the Philippines, showing my Filipino colleagues the solidarity and community spirit of a people that I am proud to be part of and born into. The strength of a nation over adversity was nothing short of making me teary-eyed.

So, what happened? Did this community spirit just dissipate into thin air as soon as this virus confirmed that it was not going to discriminate? Once this settles down, and it will, what will we take away from these actions that most wouldn’t be proud of. Am I missing something here? Being in my little bubble overseas. Am I too confident?

I invite anyone to reply back and comment, no matter how harsh, no matter how empathetic because I refuse to believe that Australians like me would create a space of greediness and let compassion fall by the wayside. We are a nation that has gotten through many…many situations where chaos has abounded. And we got through it.

I am so glad to be back in Australia and to see what the Universe opens up to me in regards to moving forward. Helping other human beings, animals and the planet will be my focus, as it always is, and I am proud that this country has big opportunities and avenues to do that. I send out all my love to all at this time…because everyone needs it x