While Mother Earth restores herself, what are you doing?

Simple and sweet, the current situation exists because of the abuse of our planet. So, what are you doing to help Mother Earth restore herself? Yes, it was Earth Day yesterday and yes, there was plenty of exposure about it on social media. But, how many of you just scrolled past the images, liked the posts and kept going? Anyone read what was being said, what was being cried out, what was being asked of you? Sincerely…

It’s as simple as this. We play a part in living in this world, each and everyone of us. And as much as we feel we need to focus on the inconveniences that have come about in our own little bubbles, take a breath, sit back on your couch, put the volume of the television down and take a real good look inside of yourself. Yes, it’s kind of shit! Yes, the economy may be falling down around us as fast as the money is draining away in our bank accounts.

But hey, it’s happening. And I believe it needs to happen. For the sake of our future. Consider your attachments. What is important to you? What was important to you? Does it matter now as it is far out of reach at this present time? And what harm will a little social distancing, a little me-time do to your fragile state? A lot, if you let it. You create your circumstance. So, create your solution, a little at a time. For now, do these five things.

  1. Breathe and meditate – it doesn’t have to be Tibetan monk-style. But it certainly can be useful if you just get rid of the white noise and distractions and take the time to actually look around you and within you and make yourself calm.
  2. Read a book – television, computer, mobile phone. Turn those bloody things off. Read a book, enlighten yourself. Make a hot drink and sit somewhere comfortable and quiet and just read words. One, two, ten pages at a time. Embrace it.
  3. De-clutter – you have time so go through your stuff. I bet there is a lot of cupboards and drawers you could open up and find that they could do with a little clean, a big clearing out and a huge consideration of what you actually need.
  4. Go for a walk – even though we have been awfully inconsiderate to our Earth, there is enough fresh air, trees, grass and flowers to admire, if you would just give mindfulness a go. Knowing all this beauty will expose its worth.
  5. Be unified through art – art comes in many different forms, from music to poetry to writing to painting. Stop the disillusionment that gaming all day will bring you satisfaction. Opening up to your creativity gives you power.

I am writing this from a state of judgement because I have enjoyed my solitude and the opportunity that being in my room has given me. Opportunities like learning another language, studying an online course, knitting, reading and considering my impact on the environment. Will the stress of your bills and rent and food on the table still be there? Yes! But for a few minutes, give yourself a break. When you do, you will enjoy calm and understand the concept of gratitude.

For it is how you look at your situation that gives way to acceptance. These five things may be such short relief to your stress levels, but if you indulge yourself a little each day, you will see that while you cannot control such situations now, turning off and tuning in will provide an understanding that nothing is forever. This will pass and you can move on from here. You deserve to recognise this and stop the self-pity that comes with it. There is always more suffering elsewhere…