About Us

For many years, I had been living in a village in Ghana running my own not-for-profit organisation. Running sustainable projects enabled me to see the plastic waste issue and work to try and help alleviate the situation.

I offer upcycled products made from recycled plastic drinking water sachets that are commonly consumed in Africa. It's the safest and cheapest way to drink water but the waste material is huge.

I came across another not-for-profit organisation who designs and makes products made from these recycled water pouches and have given me the opportunity to be the exclusive distributor in Australia.

All these products are functional, waterproof and are light-weight but they also come with a story. Every product has been made by someone that was given an opportunity to be employed.

In addition, more awareness of the impact that plastic has on the environment has increased and consideration on one's actions is more observed through community initiatives and collaboration.

Together we can make a difference but it always starts with you. I know I am one person but I am still one person and being a positive role model is a great way to bring others on board.

I thank you all for your support,

Travelling Butterfly x